3 Color Trends of 2017

color trends

There’s a lot that goes into determining what’s new in upcoming trends. Believe it or not, there are entire teams of people that gather to do research and give input into the next hot color palette.

Cultural influences, societal ideas, current events, and artistic experiences all shape experts’ opinions on the colors that will define the next season. We are doing our research as well.

2017’s Color Trends

  1. Shadow Play & Time of Day | According to Benjamin Moore, this year’s color trends are following the “Theater of Light.” Following the shade of the day, their predicted color palette ranges from light blues, representing the morning light, to deep purples which represent the dark of night. Their overall color of the year is named Shadow. “It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life.” -Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director
  2. Comfortable, Composed & Confident | Behr Paint believes that paint trends are determined by the individual. They appear to have defined people today on three adjectives: Comfortable, Composed and Confident. There is no one color that holds the spotlight, but rather a range of colors brought together by your lifestyle. How you live can be mixed and matched from their suggested palettes.
  3. Noir, Holistic, Unbounded | Some of the words that define our age. A culture that comes alive at night. A generation that is learning the art of personal and professional balance, as well as philanthropy. A year of unbridled potential and freedom. Sherwin Williams’ color mix is matching bold color with bold living.

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