3 Reasons You Should Renovate


Many people find themselves in this in-between place of discontentment with their current home, but not quite ready to make the leap into purchasing a new home. Maybe renovation has crossed your mind, but you aren’t sure whether or not it is a good fit for your space. Here are three of many reasons why renovation might be a great option for you.

  1. Changes in Interior and Exterior Trends– Let’s face it, it’s probable that times have changed since you purchased your home. Color palettes, lighting fixtures, building materials, an appreciation for natural light… All of these categories have trends that have come, gone and changed. Certainly some elements of a home are timeless. However, are there some elements of your home that you look at and wonder what made anyone ever think that was a good idea? Yea, me too. Yet, you can’t move with every shift in the latest housing trends. Renovating is a great solution for modernizing some of those areas in your home that make you question what decade you’re in, and give you a home that you’re proud of.
  1. Affordability– Pricing in the housing market has increased and continues to be on the rise. Buying a new home is not an option for everyone. However, being discontent with your current home should not be an option either! Renovating allows a homeowner to pick and choose what they like and don’t like about their home. When you renovate, you get to customize your home to fit your style and needs. If there are characteristics of your home you enjoy, but a few areas that could be better, then renovation is probably a good fit for you!
  1. Less Hassle– A lot of work goes into moving into a new home. Think about getting your house ready to sell, putting it on the market, being inconvenienced by open houses and people dropping in to take a peek, met with negotiations and prices and contracts. Not to mention packing up everything you own, hiring movers, finding the perfect house to buy and then settling in all over again. Wow, I’m exhausted just typing it all out! Renovating your home can provide you the change you’re looking for and the contentment you need in your current home, without the hassle of moving your whole life. 

Have any of these points given you a reason to renovate? If so, we’d love to talk about your needs and dreams for a home you’ll love.

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