3 Things to Know About Building a Home in Louisiana

Building a Home in Louisiana

There are many differences among the 50 states that make up our great nation. Culture. Foods. Traditions. Seasons.

Among these is also the difference in land. The topography of the land you live on affects building in many ways. Are there mountains/hills around? Do you live near water? What natural disasters occur? What is the soil like?

The process of home building will change a bit depending on where you are. What is it like to build a home in Louisiana? What should you know before going into it?

  1. In Louisiana, you certainly want to build a home that fits the culture. For example, I’ve seen people miss this and construct a home that is highly unmarketable in our city simply by going with a regionally-different style. We have many influences to pick from: French, Creole, West Indies, New Orleanian, Greek Revival, Southern-Plantation style, just to name a few. By straying outside of our boarders, so to speak, it will not speak to the average client and may be a difficult resale.
  2. Use surfaces that are able to withstand our harsh Louisiana environment. Painted woods, brick, stucco. These are good choices for your home’s exterior. Living in a wet, humid climate with the threat of hurricanes can definitely put the wear and tear on your house. You will want the exterior surfaces you choose to last.
  3. You’ll most likely have to maintain these exteriors more often than you would in a dryer climate. We cannot avoid the wear and tear that will inevitably happen to our homes, but we can help with the upkeep and take care of it, in effort to lengthen the lifespan of our home’s exterior.

As an experienced Baton Rouge home builder, I have knowledge and expertise when it comes to building a house in Louisiana. I absolutely love custom home building and making my clients’ dreams become a reality.

Call 225-751-8898 to receive a free consultation on renovating or home building. We’d love to work with you.

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