5 Apps Every Homeowner Should Download

Apps for Homeowners

According to statistic.com, there are 207.2 million smart phone users in the United States. Many of you may be reading this very blog post on your smart phone right now.

We love our smart phones. Although they can be distracting, they can also be very helpful. With the introduction to applications (apps), our world has changed. At the touch of a finger, you can search and download any app that you believe will increase your quality or ease of life.

There’s an app for almost everything these days: social media, maps, music, note-taking, list-making, reading, games, etc.

Apps are designed to make our lives easier. As a homeowner, here are 5 apps you should check out.

  1. iHandy Level – Whether you’re hanging up a mirror, picture frames, a book shelf or a new piece of art, this is a convenient app to have on your smart phone or device. By downloading this free app, you have access to a level at all times.
  2. Photo Measures Lite– Photo Measures allows you to take a photograph of a room in your home and insert text, arrows and measurements. This is helpful to bring with you to a contractor meeting or the hardware store.
  3. ColorSmart by BEHR – Thinking of repainting? Download this app and be amazed! You can take a photo of your room, select a paint color and preview what the room would look like with the paint color you’ve chosen. This may save you a trip to the paint store for samples!
  4. saveYour – With this easy-to-use app, you can document your possessions, where they’re located, the manufacturer and contact information, warranty types, serial/model numbers, cost, receipts, etc. The app comes with personal assistants that can help enter details for you as well.
  5. Houzz – Download Houzz Interior Design Ideas for, just that: interior design ideas. This app should be your first stop whether you’re looking for a new furniture piece or a full custom renovation. The community of users can give you advice and you can easily connect with contractors! Check out Lynch Construction Group’s Houzz profile!

Are there any other helpful apps for homeowners that you know of? Let us know!

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