A Look Inside Your Contractor’s Bid

A Look Inside Your Contractor's Bid

If you’re looking to build a home, you’re familiar with the contractor search. You receive bids from several contractors you’re interested in, but what do you need to look for to ensure your happiness with the process?

Building a home is a big decision. Therefore, you want to be thorough when it comes to signing off on the small print.

Not all contractors’ bids are the same. They each include different things.

Let’s take a peek at a few things you should be aware of when it comes to your contractor’s bid.

Be sure that… 

1…there is accuracy covering all the construction divisions.

Building a house involves a lot of different moving parts. You have the structural divisions, MEP (mechanical, electric, plumbing), sheet rock, painting/trim, framing and roofing, etc. Make certain that you go through every division clearly and that they’re all covered precisely and correctly.

2…there is good communication.

Communication is key. If there are any changes (large or small) different from the plan, they need to be written down and signed off on.

The number is just one part of the contract. A good contractor should not just provide the estimated bottom line price. They should look at what is important to the client. Do they have a specific deadline that needs to be met? Do they have a work pace that needs to be adhered to? As the client, you’ll want someone who can perform and guarantee your expectations will be fulfilled.

3…you get a turn-key price.

There are two main types of contracts: a cost plus and a turn-key.

A cost plus contract is too open ended. This is where the client would agree to pay cost plus 10 percent. You may think you’re getting a good deal, however you can end up paying more in the long run if you go this route. With this, there’s no reason for the builder to watch the numbers closely and see that there are minimal materials wasted because the larger the bill becomes, the more money he/she makes.

At Lynch Construction Group (LCG), we are advocates of a turn-key price. A price is declared upfront and the builder does whatever needs to be done to stay on budget to the original cost. With this type of contract, there are less surprises for the client. The price is the price, regardless of outside factors or situational issues, you’re getting your custom home for what you plan and budget for.

Our team at LCG is very hands-on. We ensure that each project is watched and managed closely. We want our clients to get the most bang for their buck. Lynch Construction Group clients pay for good service, and that’s what they will get; and they will love the end result, a beautiful home.

We’d love to help you build your dream home. Call 225-751-8898 today for a FREE consultation!

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