Lynch Construction Group

Home has different meanings for different people, but for all of us it is the place we should feel most comfortable. The place we retreat to at the end of the day, where the stress of life and work can be allowed to release. If you are ready to have a home that truly reflects your unique personality and that you are excited to live in every day, I can help you get there.

I have been extremely successful in the field of speculative building, where I build a beautiful home and then find a buyer for it. However, my true passion is meeting and getting to know my client so that I can build a home designed to encompass all of their preferences and lifestyle choices. I will listen carefully and ensure that your custom built home or renovation meets your needs, as well as being designed in such a way that it feels as comfortable as home is intended to be.

When you work with me, you gain the benefit of over 17 years of building expertise. Your input is integral to the success of our project and I take special care to understand exactly what will best satisfy your desires, both functionally and aesthetically. I will happily walk you through every step of the process, from picking out the first tile to making sure that last blade of grass is just as you like. Building homes is my passion and I greatly enjoy the challenge of building the house of your dreams. When you are ready to pursue your dreams, give me a call and we will discuss your perfect home.