Are You Thankful For Your Kitchen?

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving a bit differently. Some may have a big lunch, others, a big dinner. Some travel to extended family, others host the extended family. For some, it’s their first time cooking a turkey, for others, they’ve cooked the turkey on Thanksgiving for 30 years.

Although there are differences in how people celebrate, there are a few common elements, one of which is…the kitchen.

Picture Thanksgiving like the opening night of a musical. It’s showtime. All the stove burners are going. The oven is filled with side dishes. Family members are lighting candles and setting the table. The food are being stirred. Seasonings are sprinkled atop the finished products. Relatives are coming through the door with warm dishes ready to eat.

The kitchen is where you go to help cook, and to ask if the food is ready. It’s where you go for seconds (and thirds), and to catch up with family members while preparing food. It’s where the delicious smells begin to fill the house, and where you learn new recipes. It’s where the magic happens.

The kitchen is not just a place to cook, but a central gathering place in your home. It’s important that your kitchen be both functional and welcoming. It needs to have an ebb and flow that fits the home and draws people in.

Whether you are a gourmet chef in need of restaurant-quality equipment or a home baker desiring a cozy kitchen, we can certainly work together to make sure that your space is designed to fit your lifestyle. Check out some of the custom kitchens that Lynch Construction Group has built. Call 225-751-8898 if you’re interested in a free consultation.

We hope this Thanksgiving, as you gather with your loved ones in your kitchen and dining areas, that you feel blessed, express gratitude and eat wonderful food.

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