Outdoor Kitchen Feature : Pizza Ovens

pizza oven

When designing your outdoor kitchen there is no shortage of features to choose from. With the summer coming around the corner, we’re going to spotlight a series of features and appliances that you may not have considered. Whether you are designing your brand new kitchen, or looking to add on to an already existing outdoor […]

Meet our Team: Ryan Richard, Project Manager

Ryan Richard

Ryan Richard is one of our newest employees, but his journey to Project Manager at Lynch Construction Group started a while back. A Background in Residential Construction Ryan began framing houses in 1997, and shortly after, he joined the National Guard and went to basic training in order to pay for college. The unit he […]

3 Color Trends of 2017

color trends

There’s a lot that goes into determining what’s new in upcoming trends. Believe it or not, there are entire teams of people that gather to do research and give input into the next hot color palette. Cultural influences, societal ideas, current events, and artistic experiences all shape experts’ opinions on the colors that will define […]

Christmas in the Kitchen


We often say that the kitchen is the gathering place and heart of the home. The kitchen cares for it’s residents, welcomes home returning family, extends hospitality to friends, and creates a space for new community. Are any of these things true for your home? It is for most of us, especially this time of […]