7 Things To Do in Baton Rouge During the Fall

Baton Rouge Fall Fun

Baton Rouge is a wonderful city and there is always so much going on. Each season in Louisiana brings about something unique and exciting. With fall, we welcome Halloween, football, Thanksgiving, leaves changing color, temperatures dropping, etc. If you’re looking for some fun things to do during this fun season, look no further. We’ve come up […]

8 Fall Home Design Trends You’ll Want to Try

8 Fall Home Design Trends

It is officially fall and the weather isn’t the only thing that will be changing. As the summer season comes to a close and the cooler weather starts to move in, we’ll see some differences in home decor as well. Darker colors. Thicker textures. Mixing metals. Our homes reflect our personality. It’s one creative outlet […]

The Custom Home Building Process

Custom Home Building Process

Many would agree that building a custom home is quite a process, even if they have no experience doing so. Just from what you’ve heard, seen, read and what you can gather… it can seem like a long, complicated process. It’s true that there are many steps and many parts to building a custom home. […]

The ABC’s of Lynch Construction Group

ABC's of LCG

A ccuracy – We are thorough in our bids. We want to be accurate and precise to ensure that our clients get the quality they want at an affordable price. B uyers – The house isn’t the only thing that gets built during the process, we also love the relationships that we build with our […]

A Look Inside Your Contractor’s Bid

A Look Inside Your Contractor's Bid

If you’re looking to build a home, you’re familiar with the contractor search. You receive bids from several contractors you’re interested in, but what do you need to look for to ensure your happiness with the process? Building a home is a big decision. Therefore, you want to be thorough when it comes to signing […]

What To Consider When Choosing a Location

Choosing a Location

You’ve heard it said before: location, location, location.  It’s safe to say that the repetition exists for emphasis. Therefore, location is incredibly important. People care deeply about their surroundings, whether building a home, leasing an apartment, renting out a space for their business, or purchasing a house. We care about safety and convenience. And when […]

Welcome to Our Blog!

custom home builder

Welcome to the Lynch Construction Group blog! Here you will find custom home building tips, decorating ideas, information about LCG and much more. We look forward to communicating via social media. Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask a question on any of our social media platforms. We are here for you! Whether it’s from […]