Kitchen Renovations that will Increase Your Resale Value

Kitchen Renovation

  Thinking about possibly selling your home? Maybe you’re not even there yet- but it would be nice to increase the value of your space, wouldn’t it? There’s one room in your home that can single-handedly up your value without doing a total-home renovation. The kitchen. According to Southern Living, below the Mason-Dixon line the […]

Outdoor Kitchen Feature : The Basics

It’s finally here! This week was the official first day of Summer. We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing unique features and appliances that make your outdoor kitchen invaluable to your summer-loving. There are unending options for remodeling or building, some of which are luxurious and unique- and others that are relatively standard and practical […]

Outdoor Kitchen Feature: Drink Station

drink station

When designing your outdoor kitchen, there is no shortage of features to choose from. Earlier this month we talked about Outdoor Pizza Ovens and Warming Drawers, fun add-on’s with tons of practical and entertainment perks! With the summer coming around the corner, we’re going to spotlight a series of features and appliances that you may not […]

Invite People To Your Home Again


How many times do you pass up on having company over because you: are embarrassed by your outdated house? hate your kitchen? don’t feel like your home is functional for a large group? feel your living area isn’t open enough? wish you had a bigger dining area? …and the list goes on. Perhaps you even […]

3 Reasons You Should Renovate


Many people find themselves in this in-between place of discontentment with their current home, but not quite ready to make the leap into purchasing a new home. Maybe renovation has crossed your mind, but you aren’t sure whether or not it is a good fit for your space. Here are three of many reasons why […]