Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Resale Value

Choosing to renovate your home, whether a large or small renovation, is a big decision. It’s one that will involve time and money. Therefore, you want to ensure that your home renovations are truly an investment. 

When remodeling, it is beneficial to focus on how the changes you make will affect your home’s value. 

What are people looking for when they a purchase a home these days? What upgrades will pay off in the long run? What is “in” as far as functionality and style? 

These are some questions you should consider and ask your contractor about at the beginning of the remodeling process

What To Focus On When Renovating

I have two words for you: kitchen and bathrooms

According to This Old House, people buying a house look first at kitchens and baths.

These rooms get a lot of coming-and-going and can really get worn down over the years. Updates to these rooms will be easily noticed and appreciated by potential future buyers, should you choose to sell your home. 

It is usually just as apparent when you spend money renovating your kitchen or bathroom as it is when you’ve put no money into upgrades. So, these remodels are a worth-while investment. 

You want them to be appealing and functional, not only for the sake of your resale value, but also for your own personal enjoyment

Things like:

  • Upgraded appliances
  • All-wood cabinets
  • Freshly-painted walls
  • Refinished surfaces 
  • Kitchen islands 
  • Clean, neutral color schemes
  • Expanded kitchen storage

will give you a good return on your investment. 

Kitchens and bathrooms are prone to looking outdated. So, give yours a sprucing up and watch the value of your home increase! 

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  1. Leviticus Bennett says

    It makes sense that when buying a house people look at kitchens and bathrooms most. I consider the kitchen the heart of the home since it is the one place that everyone will always go to. I’m thinking of getting my kitchen remodeled with new appliances and cabinets; it’s good to know it will increase my home value.

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