Inviting Others In: Hospitality in an Age of Hostility


I’m busy.

The house is a wreck.

I’m tired.

I haven’t gone to the grocery store.

My kitchen isn’t made for entertaining.

My house is too small.

Next week will be better.

These are just a few of the excuses we roll through in our minds when the thought strikes of inviting others into our homes. It’s easy to let life take the reins and spend weeks or months at a time on-the-go, not creating space for deeper, intentional relationships.  For many of us, much of life happens in the home.

Let’s all take a minute to consider the effect we could have on our neighborhood, our community, our city, if we would set all the excuses aside and give selfless, sacrificial hospitality a try.

Create a Space to Welcome

It’s impossible to not see the news of what has happened and is happening in the world around us today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year. However, headlines aside, there truly are people in our communities and neighborhoods who are deeply hurting. There are likely even people in your immediate circles who need an open door and a warm meal, who need you.

In their need, they don’t mind if the house is messy, if the food is take-out, or if the kitchen is small. They don’t mind if you’re in the middle of construction or if your décor is outdated. They need to be welcomed. Invited in, cared for and shown they are valued.

Your home is a blessing, and the perfect context to create this space for others. What does loving your neighbor look like? For many of us, it looks like hospitality in an age of hostility.

Untidy & Inconvenient

Hospitality, I am learning, is often untidy and almost always inconvenient. But making room is not about my own comfort. It’s about taking something I presume is mine, and offering it to someone else.” -Rachel Meyers

It’s not always easy. Making room for others can look like longer days, less time, more effort and increased vulnerability. However, it is so very important to share our blessings with those around us in need. The truth is that we have been blessed for the very purpose of sharing our blessings with others and letting others in. To love our neighbor. To care for those in need. To form intentional community. And to eventually be cared for ourselves when we need it most.

At Lynch Construction Group, we love to see the homes you inhabit be used for loving those around you and fostering community. We have spent more 17 years creating beautiful homes for this purpose. We believe that together we can impact our communities and use our blessings for good.

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