How To Be a Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor

Many of us are surrounded by neighbors. You may live in a neighborhood where the homes are close together or in one where there is a lot of land in-between each property. Regardless, there are most likely people around you in some way shape or form.

We are probably all familiar with the characteristics of a not-so-good neighbor: loud, rude, inconsiderate, messy. As you’re reading this, you can probably picture some of the frustrating neighbors you’ve had in the past, or maybe still have.

Of course, we all desire to have good neighbors. However, are you a good neighbor? Do you behave how you wish those living around you would?

Here are some ways you can make sure that you are being a good neighbor.

  1. Keep your yard looking nice. Of course, there is some grace, but when your yard starts to look like a jungle, it’s time to spend some time cleaning it up. Don’t let it get to that point every time before you mow the grass, rake your leaves or spruce up your landscaping. Make it a point to spend time on your yard in order to keep it looking nice.
  2. Be considerate. Many things fall under this umbrella. Make sure to keep the noise levels down, especially late at night and especially if you live in an area where the homes are close together. Pick up after your pets if they make a mess in your neighbor’s yard. If something looks suspicious at their house, let them know. If guests are parking at your house, make sure they don’t block your neighbor’s driveway. Just be mindful of your neighbors as you’re making decisions and going about your day.
  3. Get to know them. I’m not saying you have to become best friends with your neighbors, although that would be fantastic! But, be friendly and inviting. Having good relationships with your neighbors is a great thing. If they go on vacation, offer to pet sit, water their plants or collect their mail. If you hear that they’re feeling under the weather, bring them some homemade soup or ask if they need anything. If new neighbors move onto your street, walk over and introduce yourself. Knowing your neighbors will increase your happiness with where you live.

Be the kind of neighbor you want living around you. You’ll probably find that if you start implementing these tips, you’ll see your neighbors doing the same.

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