How To Increase the Functionality of a Small Space

Small Space

We can probably all think of a small area in our house that seems to have no purpose. Perhaps you have several areas or rooms in your home that seem too tiny to have any use at all.

Rather than waste the space, or roll your eyes every time you pass by, why not do something about it! There are so many clever ways to make your small space more functional.

Section It Off

If you’re dealing with a small room, compartmentalize it. Think of all the things the room needs to be used for and create zones or areas within the room for each specific use. It won’t seem small and cluttered if the room is organized efficiently.

Look For Multi-Purpose Furniture

There are tables that can also be desks. There are taller couches with shelving underneath. There are storage ottomans and daybeds. You can find many pieces of furniture today that can serve multiple purposes. This will save space and increases the potential of any small area, no matter what its used for.

Try Out Some Tricks & Tips

Tall furniture, strategically placed mirrors, see-through furnishings, floor-to-ceiling curtains, vertical wallpaper – these things can create an illusion of expansiveness within a small space.

Grab a Gallon of Paint

If your doors and trim are the same color as your wall, they won’t stand out as much allowing them to disappear and create a seamless feel. This will increase the continuity and make your space feel larger and less choppy.

Use Light Colors

Light colors open up a room, while dark colors can make a room feel more closed in and smaller. The more neutral and light the colors you use in your small space, the larger it will appear.

We hope you’ll try out these ideas in your home. You’ll be amazed at what a little work can do to transform a small space into an extremely purposeful paradise.

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