How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full force, as we see devastation and loss across Texas, Louisiana and Florida. When the threat of weather approaches there is often not time to take all of the necessary precautions to protect your home, belongings and family. While there is much damage that is unavoidable in these natural disasters, there are many steps you can take to protect your home.

These are just a few ideas of steps to take in preparing your home for potential weather threats, however there are many more resources that provide you with more in-depth information (we suggest Needs vary widely by home and location, so be sure to use your judgement to take the best steps for your home.

Suggested Steps for Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Obtain flood and homeowners insurance. If you do not already have flood and home insurance, call your insurance agent to ask about your policy options. Insurance will be critical if your home does incur damage. Even if there is deductible, the coverage of the cost of repairs to your home will be helpful.

Trim or cut trees close to the home. Loose branches or weak trees can become a threat during a storm if they fall or are blown into the home.

Reinforce windows and doors. Make sure the windows on your home are reinforced by shutters or have board on hand to manually reinforce windows if necessary. Replace current hinges with heavy-duty hinges and deadbolt locks on the doors. These steps will help reduce exposure of the interior of your home to the external elements.

Inspect the roof. Make sure that all shingles are secure and in place. Have tarp available so that if there is any roof damage, you can cover it quickly and avoid further interior damage. Use roofing cement to secure any loose shingles you may find.

Reinforce garage doors. If you have a garage, it is one of the more vulnerable entry points of your home. Most garage doors are thinner and not prepared for high winds and obviously projectile objects. Wind entering the garage can have detrimental effects on the home- even causing the roof to be damaged. You can purchase a garage door reinforcement kit online.

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