Outdoor Kitchen Feature : Pizza Ovens

pizza oven

When designing your outdoor kitchen there is no shortage of features to choose from. With the summer coming around the corner, we’re going to spotlight a series of features and appliances that you may not have considered. Whether you are designing your brand new kitchen, or looking to add on to an already existing outdoor kitchen, these appliances are sure to liven things up for the summer!

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Part of the fun of an outdoor kitchen is to utilize the space for things that are missing from your indoor kitchen. Wood-fired pizza ovens often find their home outdoors in residential homes to avoid hazard and inconvenience, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor pizza oven is great for entertaining. Host a build your own pizza night, and let your friends and family select all their own toppings for a fun and creative evening eating one of our favorite Italian dishes.

Not to mention, pizza ovens are actually great for making a variety of different foods! Spend Saturdays by the pool, refueling with a quick and easy meal without dripping water through the house and dirtying up the kitchen.

A pizza oven is not always on the top of the list when considering kitchen appliances, however, this addition could be an outdoor game changer.

Wood-fired VS. Gas Pizza Ovens

Nothing beats the artful and authentic flavor of a wood-fired pizza. But what is the difference exactly between a wood-fired and a gas pizza oven?

Each type of oven has it’s benefits. Wood fired ovens reach much higher temperatures at a quicker rate than gas ovens. This allows pizzas to bake more efficiently, as little as 2-5 minutes. Gas ovens can take over 3x as long to bake. However, gas ovens tend to be more predictable and easy to control than a wood fire oven.

Wood-fired ovens also offer a distinct boost of flavor that many prefer. This smoky flavor cannot be replicated in other cooking methods, as it comes from the heat distribution and wood burning.

Additionally, the method of wood-fired cooking retains nutrients of pizza ingredients. The longer cooking times associated with other methods of baking result in the slow depletion of nutritional value of proteins and vegetables used as toppings.

Are you ready to dive in and build your outdoor kitchen? Or maybe add on to an already existing outdoor kitchen? At Lynch Construction, we believe that no dream home is complete until the outside is as beautiful as the inside. Our team would love to help you make your dreams a reality. Call 225-445-0350 to schedule a FREE consultation today.

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