Outdoor Kitchen Feature: Warming Drawers

warming drawers

When designing your outdoor kitchen there is no shortage of features to choose from. Earlier this month we talked about Outdoor Pizza Ovens, a fun add on with tons of practical and entertainment perks!

With the summer coming around the corner, we’re going to spotlight a series of features and appliances that you may not have considered. Whether you are designing your brand new kitchen, or looking to add on to an already existing outdoor kitchen, these appliances are sure to liven things up for the summer!

Warming Drawers

A highly overlooked, but extremely useful appliance is the warming drawer. It is exactly what it sounds like- a separate space to store food and keep it warm that doesn’t take up oven space or keep you running back and forth to the house. This is a luxury for most homes, but is definitely worth considering when building out your outdoor space.

Imagine a couple scenarios that might make the warming drawer your favorite appliance:

Your child’s 10th birthday party- everyone is coming over for a pool party. There’s 20 kids coming and their parents. You’re going to have hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. To make this quantity, you’ll have to grill in shifts. The boys arrive hungry, already ready to eat. The girls don’t want to eat yet because they know their Moms will make them wait 15 minutes after eating before they can touch the water again, so they’ll take a break later. Needless to say, everyone will be running in different directions, creating potential chaos for you as you try to grill up a burger here and a hot dog there throughout the entirety of the party. (Let’s be honest, you know nobody wants a cold hotdog). But you are not stressed, you have a tool that creates a stress-free day. You grill at the beginning of the party, throw it all in the warming drawer, and then join the other parents to talk about what sports their kids are playing in the fall and your upcoming PTA meeting.

warming drawersYour in-laws are coming over for dinner on a summer night. You make phenomenal slow-cooked smoked ribs, but you never make them because it is impossible to time it all to be hot and fresh at the same time. The thought of your mother-in-law making another comment about her room temperature meal discourages you from making the meal. But then you remember your secret weapon- the warming drawer! You pop your side dishes and rolls in there while your ribs cook to perfection. Everyone enjoys a warm meal and you impress your in-laws.  

Warming drawers each have their own distinct features. Some are buffet style, with serving dishes included for easy transport and clean up. Others are simple and made for holding mass quantities. Warming drawers can even be used as slow-cookers if desired! Your warming drawer can be selected to meet your needs and preferences.

Are you ready to dive in and build your outdoor kitchen? Or maybe add on to an already existing outdoor kitchen? At Lynch Construction, we believe that no dream home is complete until the outside is as beautiful as the inside. Our team would love to help you make your dreams a reality. Call 225-445-0350 to schedule a FREE consultation today.


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