Outdoor Kitchen Feature : The Basics

It’s finally here! This week was the official first day of Summer. We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing unique features and appliances that make your outdoor kitchen invaluable to your summer-loving.

There are unending options for remodeling or building, some of which are luxurious and unique- and others that are relatively standard and practical for an outdoor kitchen. So what are those features that every outdoor kitchen should include? Let’s take a look at outdoor kitchen basics.

The Basics

Grill: Gas, charcoal or whatever your heart desires- the grill is often the focal point of the outdoor kitchen. It is one of the most basic mechanisms for cooking outdoors. If a gas grill is your preference, let us help you find the perfect solution for gas line access and professionally install it for your safety and convenience.

Outdoor Sink: Many outdoor kitchens include a sink as a convenience- easy clean up and access to water for cooking, washing your hands, etc. However, including a sink means sorting out some logistics of water lines and drainage. Your contractor should be able to help you with those decisions.

Food Storage: Many kitchens include some option for food storage, such as a refrigerator, and in most cases an outdoor kitchen is no different. Other options could be coolers or freezers. Consider how you’d like to use your outdoor kitchen. Is your indoor refrigerator often maxed out on space? Maybe you’d like a full fridge outdoors as overflow. Are you planning on entertaining large quantities of people? A cooler could be good for storing cold drinks and snacks. Answering some of these questions, and others like them, will help you determine your food storage needs.

Counter Space: You’ll need space to chop, prepare, set and plate a variety items in your kitchen. Be sure to measure out the space you have available and compare it with the appliances you’re considering. If your appliance dreams extend beyond your length available, consider adding an island.

Overhead Coverage: If your outdoor kitchen will be free-standing from your home, it might be exposed with no roof overhead. Consider how you will use your kitchen. Is it a function that you will bank on or use daily? If so, you will probably want to consider building in overhead coverage so that you can use your kitchen regardless of the elements. Keep in mind, that when considering adding a structure over your kitchen there are other accommodations that must be made, such as a vented hood and specific types of appliances.

At Lynch Construction, we want even the most basic of features to be personalized to you. While some of these kitchen features are relatively standard, there are still many factors to consider. Our years of experience and expertise will allow us to create a luxurious and enjoyable outdoor experience. We’ll help you make even the basics exciting, and completely customized to you!

Call 225-445-0350 to schedule a FREE consultation today. At Lynch Construction, we believe that no dream home is complete until the outside is as beautiful as the inside. Our team would love to help you make your dreams a reality.

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