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Lynch Construction is local to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas. For over 17 years, we’ve been in the business of building beautiful, custom homes to serve this community. Through our years of experience, we’ve built all over town. We’re here to give you expert advice in where to build your dream home today!

Neighborhood Feature: Riverbend Lakes

Tucked away behind the more established Riverbend Subdivision, is a smaller neighborhood- Riverbend Lakes. This quaint neighborhood is described by its residence as its own kind of small town within Baton Rouge, where everyone knows each other and cares.

Despite its small feel, Riverbend Lakes is not actually so small in stature. The neighborhood began development in the 1990s, and now holds over 250 homes and is growing. Because the community has developed over time, many contractors and builders have contributed to the large variety of design & architecture that fill the streets. This is no cookie-cutter community. Each home is as unique as the family that lives in it!

Riverbend Lakes is located in close proximity to LSU Campus and downtown Baton Rouge, on Brightside. The location is ideal for those working on campus or downtown- increasing quality of life and giving you back time otherwise lost in your commute or traffic.

One of the most notable perks of Riverbend Lakes, is direct access to a BREC Park located in the back of the neighborhood. Amenities of this park include a jungle gym, swing sets, playground, tennis courts, a baseball field, and a large wooded area. Only 4 neighborhoods share access to this park, and Riverbend Lakes is one of the few that get to enjoy this public space.

The most notable feature of Riverbend Lakes is its community. The Neighborhood Association strives to organize many events and traditions that bring the residents together and provide a sense of neighborly relationship. Families look forward to easter egg hunts, potluck dinners, Christmas décor and more. The atmosphere is friendly and caring among residents- and new comers are welcomed with warmth.

Want to see a home Lynch Construction has designed in Riverbend Lakes? View this luxury home.

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