What To Consider When Choosing a Location

Choosing a Location

You’ve heard it said before: location, location, location. 

It’s safe to say that the repetition exists for emphasis. Therefore, location is incredibly important.

People care deeply about their surroundings, whether building a home, leasing an apartment, renting out a space for their business, or purchasing a house. We care about safety and convenience. And when it comes down to it, we would most likely choose an area that best suits us and our lifestyle.

You can have the most incredible home, but it could be in a terrible location. You can remodel all you want, but it’s not going to change the placement of your property.

If you are looking to buy or build, it is important to think about the type of home you want to live in, but it’s equally as important to think about where you’d like to be.

There are many factors that can affect an area of town. Additionally, everyone has a varied list of things that are individually important to them. What matters to parents of three elementary-aged children is going to be drastically different than what matters to a couple in their 60’s with no children living at home.

Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Live

  • Schools – Do your children need to be in a certain school district? Are you on the bus route? Do you mind driving more than 15 minutes to bring them to school? These are all things to consider if you have kids in school. Become aware of the schools in your area as you evaluate your children’s education needs. If you don’t have children that are students, you may want to live far from any schools, as they can be high-traffic areas.
  • Recreation – If recreation is a large part of your life, consider settling down near a community park, golf course or bike path. When you’re able to quickly and easily have access to a pastime that you love, your mood will increase and you will truly be able to enjoy and embrace where you live. Residing in an area like this also allows for a strong sense of community.
  • Neighbors – Do you have growing children? If so, you might search for a neighborhood filled with other families like yours. This would allow your kids to have friends to play with and it may make you feel safe and secure knowing you’re surrounded by people in a similar life stage. Maybe its important for you to live close to your parents or other family members, or to dwell in a small, quiet community.
  • Transportation – If you desire to live in a walking community, this will greatly affect the area you choose to live in. Some communities are easy to navigate on foot due to the close proximity of houses to businesses, restaurants and schools. Maybe you need to ensure your house is near a bus station. It all depends on your personal needs.
  • Safety – Living down the street from a police station or a fire station is definitely a plus. You know that help is close by should something unfortunate happen. This could also mean choosing a well-lit neighborhood or a gated community.
  • Entertainment & Eating – Do you want to be near your favorite restaurant or the coffee shop that’s become your second home? Maybe you want to live near the mall or a newly-built shopping center. If you love to eat out or are always on-the-go, you may want to figure out the distance you’d like to be from these places.

Every homeowner is different. We all have distinct desires, needs and luxuries we like to enjoy. You may not be able to find a location that meets all of your needs, but do your research and find an area of town that works well for you. It’s easy to make changes to your house, but it’s not as easy to change your location.

At Lynch Construction Group, we can help guide you to pick the perfect home for you.


  1. Jeremy Thompson says

    I liked your advice to look for other kids in the neighborhood if you are moving with growing kids so that they can make friends. I’d be sure to do that since it would be beneficial for my twins to be able to socialize and play outside every now and then. Additionally, they could even end up as schoolmates which would make it easier for my kids to adjust to the new environment. I’ll have a real estate agent with me when looking for a new house in December to make sure everything goes well. Thanks!

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