How To Be a Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor

Many of us are surrounded by neighbors. You may live in a neighborhood where the homes are close together or in one where there is a lot of land in-between each property. Regardless, there are most likely people around you in some way shape or form. We are probably all familiar with the characteristics of […]

IN PROGRESS: Covington River Project

This is our current Covington River Project. It’s located in the heart Covington, Louisiana, a small southern Louisiana town. Our team and vendors are having a wonderful time working on this beautiful home. This 8,500 square-foot building is supported by brick columns and 85 piers. The purpose of the foundational columns is to prevent flooding […]

IN PROGRESS: Lexington Estates Project

In Progress Project

At Lynch Construction Group, we want to keep you up-to-date with our latest projects. This 3,000 square-foot home is being built in the Lexington Estates neighborhood of Baton Rouge, and is scheduled to be completed by October 2016. Some of the greatest exterior features that this home will include are the reclaimed cypress beams and […]

5 Ways to Avoid Clutter in Your Home

Avoid Clutter

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the middle of your messy house wondering how it went from being neat and tidy to looking like a train wreck in just such a short amount of time. It is so easy for a house to become cluttered these days. We come home from our hectic, busy […]

5 Apps Every Homeowner Should Download

Apps for Homeowners

According to, there are 207.2 million smart phone users in the United States. Many of you may be reading this very blog post on your smart phone right now. We love our smart phones. Although they can be distracting, they can also be very helpful. With the introduction to applications (apps), our world has […]

How To Design a Pet-Friendly Home

Pet-Friendly Home

We each have needs based on our family’s lifestyle, especially when it comes to building, designing and decorating our homes. Whatever particular needs our families have determine the decisions we make about carpeting, floor plans, paint colors, etc. This also applies when you add pets into the equation. According to the 2015-16 APPA National Pet […]

5 Ways to Decorate Your House this Spring

Decorate Your House This Spring

As the seasons change, many things change with them: the weather, sports, clothing, and even home decor. Yesterday was the First Day of Spring. Winter is officially over. It’s time to box up the wool blankets and cinnamon candles and break out the Spring designs. You may be ready to completely redecorate a room, or […]